Been a while huh?

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Well, a lot has happened in life since my last post, Singer-song writer Whiney Houston went to be with Jesus, and I truly believe she did. However not everyone in America thought so. Those included were the members of the ever controversial Westboro Baptist Church. The event was even posted on the church’s website found here, I know a lot of people are either enraged by these people, or some who believe they are the hand of the lord as I have read on several blog spots. Since blogging is a way for everyone to express their thoughts and feelings, I shall do so here.

From what I have gathered by watching these people over the years both as a non-Christian and now as a follower of the way I have always had the thought that these zealots have given Jesus a bad wrap among non-Christians, a sort of “My name is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you” moment. But no one has gone so far as to question their salvation, well I am. You may wonder how I can do that and why I am. As Christians we are always called to judge one another according to scripture and the fruit we produce. No I’m not perfect, just ask my fiancĂ©, but I am bold and brave enough to question a fellow Christians heart when they vehemently profess that the God they serve hates everyone from homosexuals to our military to our president to you and I.

As a Calvinist, as they also claim to be, I believe in the doctrines of


      I don’t understand how they can say that the same God who saved their sinful, blackened souls can hate someone more than them? If they are going off of scripture by saying God hated the philistines, and the people in the land of Canaan, technically they are correct, in an out-of-context-with-the-rest-of-scripture kind of way. I pray that God does save these people, that they hate, I pray that God saves the men and women in the Westboro Baptist Church and they are able to repent, and they are not let to repent as the sons of Eli in 1 Samuel, or Essau, the brother of Jacob. I pray that God have grace in these men and women.

      On a lighter note, I’m getting married in may, and in the attempt to look good for the big day I have lost a total of 61.24 pounds since November, and if I am able to stay on track I will, on my wedding day, weigh less than my senior year of high school.

      And the elephant room was amazing, I was sick as a dog on the day of the event, and stayed through lunch but after falling asleep on Driscoll and Jack Graham and having a high fever I went home, but what i was able to comprehend was amazing, has both rounds for sale if you missed the conference, I would recommend anyone get this, even if just to learn and disagree with the men speaking, it is still a good investment.


Pastoral Shaving?

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You know one thing I have been recently aware of is the fact that no matter what kind of church one attends, including seminary students, the pasture is usually well shaven and clean cut. The thing that has recently come to mind is that most men do not know how to properly shave, and since most churches pay their pastor little more than impoverished salaries, that the preachers out there have even less knowledge of how to properly shave, and since we are called to take care of our selves in every way, to be a good steward, why should your face be any different?

Let’s start with some basics that one can easily pull off of the Internet or ask any old-timely barber that still uses a straight razor (Sweeney Todd style baby!!):

1st thing is first, a lot of us guys tend to dread shaving, and usually only do this task when we absolutely have too. And I’m guessing most dudes out there tend to shave either super early in the A.M. And before showering but post other business. While it does, at times, feel wonderful to hop straight into the shower after that nightmare-ish blade slicing event, it’s completely tearing up your face and making you more prone to face irritation, razor burn, cuts, nicks, and more hatred toward the task. Most experts will recommend that one shaves either during a nice hot shower after you have had the time to wash up, shampoo, and condition (yes dudes you need to condition your hair and beard, and no it’s not gay to do so, I have it on good authority Chuck Norris does it), or better yet, so you may see yourself without having to use no mirror, or one of those tiny no-fog mirrors they sell at places your wives, g/f’s, and fiancĂ©s shop.

2nd lets talk some tools and hardware. Most men use the convenient throw away razor, shaving cream from a Barbasol style canister, and old spice, or some other brand of alcohol based aftershave, or worse still cologne. While some of these items are great for travel, every day use is not good for your face or your beard. If you insist on a razor that comes from Wal-mart, please let it at least be one what has 3 or 5 blades and has a handle that you can keep, the throw-always are toss ale for a reason, they suck, but if you want to go all out you can easily get what is called a safety razor, or even learn the art of straight razor use all can be purchased on Amazon, eBay, or even specialty sites that deal with shaving such as The Art of Shaving .

As far as shaving cream goes, a good one to get is Proraso, it is an imported shaving cream from Italy and can easily be purchased online for around $11, I know your thinking ” holy cow $11 for shaving cream that’s absurd!” but when you consider it will last you, depending on ow often you shave, between 6 months to a year if you’re a twice a week-er, it’s not that bad. one should lather up and shave with even short strokes of pressure going with the grain of the hair, or the way it grows. After you have finished Shaving with the grain, time to re-lather and shave against the grain, this will insure a super close shave without killing your skin, and will also insure tha the lady in your life will show you some attention since now your face is smoother and healthier.

Along with the cream, one should purchase an old school shaving brush, just like your grandfathers used, not to mention the kind you wold see in movies by Humphry Bogart, John Wayne, etc… Shaving brushes. One in a wide awray of sizes, shapes, styles and brush types, but the most recommended is the badger hair brush, it will help you lather up the cream like an old pro while also helping the hairs on your face to stand up, and gently exfoliating your skin, getting it ready for the layer of skin that you are about to tear off. Along with the shaving brush I personally would Also recommend a shaving cup or bowl, for the lather, and never use the cup or bowl to house the brush, this would cause molding and breaking down of your investment, some brushes come with stands, but if not you can buy a cheap one, the brushes range from $12 to $400 as I have seen online, and the brush stands I have seen for around $5.

So you have lathered up, shaven, now on to the after party of after shave time, please for your own sake, throw away the old spice, it’s a great deodorant but a terrible face product, it and other Alcohol based products will dry out your skin, cause a burning or tingling sensation which is a sign of drying, shaving as a whole should never be painful in any way. I recommend a good after-shave balm or lotion, ones by Nivea are a cheap, but good investment to start with the face wash is great for every day use, and daily moisturizing lotion is amazing as well, and then the after shave balm is soothing and will help to keep your skin full of moisture and help it to heal quicker since, as I mentioned earlier, you are tearing off a layer of skin!

I hope this has been helpful, we men, need to keep our selves looking nice, and respectable and having a painful face full of razor burn doesn’t make it any easier. Keep your self classy men

Resources to look at for further information:
The Art of Shaving
barber advice from the art of shang

The Elephant Room 2

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Last year the realm of American Christianity was rocked by loving yet intense debate between several megachurch pastors called The Elephant Room.

Forthcoming is round 2 but this time around there is a catalist not introduced in the 1st. Last year there were differences in philosophy and soteriological stance but everyone walked away unscathed and having grown from the experience. This year James MacDonald has added the likes of Pastor T.D. Jakes from The Potters House in Dallas, TX and what he brings to the table is modelism, an unorthodox view that states God appears in different modes in scripture, i.e. the father came as Jesus and after the death and burial of Christ he arose as The Holy Spirit. some people are very very irritated at the appearance of Jakes at the event, especially since his debate partner is none other than the ever controversial, and personal hero of mine Mark Driscoll of Seattle’s Mars Hill Church.

Driscoll has been accused of many things in his pastoral career, none of them has ever included heresy, infact, a good majority would include Driscoll an extremist when it comes to Christian Orthodoxy

i for one am excited for the debate, it is one in which all cards will be laid upon the proverbial table and a complete transparent view of all men involved is to be had.

The one exclusion i am disappointed about is my former pastor from The Village Church Matt Chandler is not going to be there.

The event will be viewable at over 400 locations nation-wide including my current church in the NOLA Area Vintage, prices vary, students can attend for the great price of $29. lets all enjoy and learn and grow

signing off for now
Timothy S. Chism, SDG