The Elephant Room 2

Last year the realm of American Christianity was rocked by loving yet intense debate between several megachurch pastors called The Elephant Room.

Forthcoming is round 2 but this time around there is a catalist not introduced in the 1st. Last year there were differences in philosophy and soteriological stance but everyone walked away unscathed and having grown from the experience. This year James MacDonald has added the likes of Pastor T.D. Jakes from The Potters House in Dallas, TX and what he brings to the table is modelism, an unorthodox view that states God appears in different modes in scripture, i.e. the father came as Jesus and after the death and burial of Christ he arose as The Holy Spirit. some people are very very irritated at the appearance of Jakes at the event, especially since his debate partner is none other than the ever controversial, and personal hero of mine Mark Driscoll of Seattle’s Mars Hill Church.

Driscoll has been accused of many things in his pastoral career, none of them has ever included heresy, infact, a good majority would include Driscoll an extremist when it comes to Christian Orthodoxy

i for one am excited for the debate, it is one in which all cards will be laid upon the proverbial table and a complete transparent view of all men involved is to be had.

The one exclusion i am disappointed about is my former pastor from The Village Church Matt Chandler is not going to be there.

The event will be viewable at over 400 locations nation-wide including my current church in the NOLA Area Vintage, prices vary, students can attend for the great price of $29. lets all enjoy and learn and grow

signing off for now
Timothy S. Chism, SDG



~ by tschism1985 on January 16, 2012.

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