Been a while huh?

Well, a lot has happened in life since my last post, Singer-song writer Whiney Houston went to be with Jesus, and I truly believe she did. However not everyone in America thought so. Those included were the members of the ever controversial Westboro Baptist Church. The event was even posted on the church’s website found here, I know a lot of people are either enraged by these people, or some who believe they are the hand of the lord as I have read on several blog spots. Since blogging is a way for everyone to express their thoughts and feelings, I shall do so here.

From what I have gathered by watching these people over the years both as a non-Christian and now as a follower of the way I have always had the thought that these zealots have given Jesus a bad wrap among non-Christians, a sort of “My name is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you” moment. But no one has gone so far as to question their salvation, well I am. You may wonder how I can do that and why I am. As Christians we are always called to judge one another according to scripture and the fruit we produce. No I’m not perfect, just ask my fiancĂ©, but I am bold and brave enough to question a fellow Christians heart when they vehemently profess that the God they serve hates everyone from homosexuals to our military to our president to you and I.

As a Calvinist, as they also claim to be, I believe in the doctrines of


      I don’t understand how they can say that the same God who saved their sinful, blackened souls can hate someone more than them? If they are going off of scripture by saying God hated the philistines, and the people in the land of Canaan, technically they are correct, in an out-of-context-with-the-rest-of-scripture kind of way. I pray that God does save these people, that they hate, I pray that God saves the men and women in the Westboro Baptist Church and they are able to repent, and they are not let to repent as the sons of Eli in 1 Samuel, or Essau, the brother of Jacob. I pray that God have grace in these men and women.

      On a lighter note, I’m getting married in may, and in the attempt to look good for the big day I have lost a total of 61.24 pounds since November, and if I am able to stay on track I will, on my wedding day, weigh less than my senior year of high school.

      And the elephant room was amazing, I was sick as a dog on the day of the event, and stayed through lunch but after falling asleep on Driscoll and Jack Graham and having a high fever I went home, but what i was able to comprehend was amazing, has both rounds for sale if you missed the conference, I would recommend anyone get this, even if just to learn and disagree with the men speaking, it is still a good investment.


      ~ by tschism1985 on February 25, 2012.

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